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User always finds some problems in recording voice notes on their computer system. The only thing that user wants is an application that help to record their voice. Audio Notes Recorder is such a useful application that enables user to record voice notes. It comes in an easy interface and provides some extraordinary features, which makes it a valuable application. Some of them are recording modes, various supporting format, automatic recording mode and many more.


Audio Notes Recorder provides user the facility to record voice notes on their computer system with the help of user specific recording modes. The application has some dedicated recording modes which makes recording easy. One of these modes is the recording based on operating and another is recording based on the type of microphone. The operating based mode is subdivided on two technologies i.e. digital mode and analog mode. Also, the mode based on type of microphone consist of three sub modes i.e. Normal, Spy and the Voice operated recording mode. In the digital recording mode a single file consist of many recorded messages and user can record new message by just clicking on the record button, but with this digital mode user can’t continue with the previous recordings but for this user can go with the analog recording mode. With this analog mode user can continue at the same point where the user left last. Talking about the modes based on operations then the normal mode gives all control of the application in user’s hand which means user can either record, pause or stop it, as it always depends on the user. The second mode is Spy mode which enables user to record audio notes without showing the application window. This mode is considered as enhancement of the Voice Operated recording mode as in this mode application records only the sound which is clear and perfect. Audio Notes Recorder also provides the facility of exporting recording through mails. This application comes in a user friendly interface having simple operating mechanism so that each and every user can use this application without any fatigue. Auto record, instant recovery and recording editor are some other useful features which make this application valuable. Also, Audio Notes Recorder does not affect user’s computer’s performance.


Some other alternatives that provide same functioning like that of Audio Notes Recorder are Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder, Fox Magic Audio Recorder and Sound Recorder Professional. But the features, user friendly interface, and neat and clean operating mechanism make it more important and useful application in comparison of its alternatives. Various recording modes and graphical skins are some of those value added features of Audio Notes Recorder.


Audio Notes Recorder is a helpful application that allows recording easy and comfortable on user’s computer system. With such friendly interface, negligible effect on system performance makes it an important application. As this application has a perfect and to the point operating mechanism by which user always feel advantageous to have it.


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