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Audio Conversion Wizard is an easy to use application, which allows users to convert digital format audio files from one file format to another. The application supports conversion of single files as well as an entire batch of files. Users can even specify a mixed batch of files for conversion.


Audio Conversion Wizard is an efficient application for conversion of digital audio files. Using this application, users can convert digital audio files from one format to another format in a very simple process. The file formats supported by the application include MP3, WAV PCM, OGB Vorbis, FLAC and WMA 9 formats. The conversion process is easy and simple.

The application has an easy to operate interface, which enables users with a step by step process for the conversion of the files. Users can specify the output format and the location where the files are to be saved. Users can make changes to the sample frequency, bit rate, pitch and channels. Other changes which can be made to the files include copying or editing the ID3 tag, changing the naming options, adding the files to the playlist, selection of the playback device and many similar options.

Users can also import images and add to the audio files through the explorer incorporated in the application. While making conversions to the audio files, the application allows converting single files as well as a batch of files. Therefore, users can select single files, can even specify the source of file, convert these single files into another format of their choice, make certain changes if needed and save the files on the computer in a location specified by them.

In a similar manner, users can also process an entire batch of files. They can specify the files to be added to the batch; convert the entire batch and save the batch in the location of their choice. The specified batch can also be of a mixed format. Hence users can add files of different formats like MP3, WAV, etc. and convert these files in a single process. The program uses low level of system resources and has an intuitive interface. Audio Conversion Wizard supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and all other later versions of Windows.


Digital Audio Converter is an application similar to Audio Conversion Wizard. The application supports multiple file formats and allows easy conversion of these files to other formats. Users can also make changes to the parameters such as bit rate, quality and channels. The program has a feature for ripping CDs and saving and converting the audio files. It allows access to an online CD database to download information pertaining to the CDs being ripped.


Audio Conversion Wizard is an efficient digital audio conversion application and allows conversion of audio files in few simple and easy steps. The application has a very simple interface and operating procedure, which enables users to easily convert files of their choice. The options to convert single file as well as a batch of files give the users the flexibility to work with their digital files in a customised manner. Conversion of the entire batch helps save time and enables users to make multiple conversions simultaneously.



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