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Artise Golden Section is an adaptable translucent designing lattice for site, graphics, interface and other designing. The tool lets you in having the control and check the shape and magnitude over the design tasks through the golden section ratio. While fine tuning a design the ratio that suits the eye best is the golden section. In simpler form it is the proportion of one relation with other. It can be anywhere 1 to 0.618.


The similar proportion can be taken into account while designing the project. Golden section lets the user in smoothly and efficiently verifies the size and ratios over the display designing tasks by taking the help of the proportions at the Golden Section. Atrise Golden Section creates a re-arrange able pattern that shows the best Golden Section ratio. The process is quite simple as well; you just need to shift your mouse for finding the best ratio.

Upon making functional, the program generates a rearranging lattice overlay that moves through the design work. Things like grid pattern colour and brightness aspects can be smoothly altered just through some clicks. It can be done through command forms as well. Dimensions are upgraded. The factors like grid patterns, brightness/darkness, and shape can be varied quite easily with a few options. You can upgrade the magnitude of the grid specifically.

Artise Golden Section becomes increasingly helpful through the cropping and analysis help guides. You can use it for geometrical studies, base designing, statistical designing, and others. There are several lattice patterns like image grid, segment grid, or geometrical grid. The interface is perfectly amendable for site, image and logo designing.


There are other applications having similar features with equivalent functionalities; for example PhilMatrix. PhilMatrix has been developed for Windows 2K/7/Vista/7 platforms. This 1.7 MB application can efficiently overlay any image over the display to implement phi rations in various grid patterns. It works well with custom user-defined rations as well.

Golden Ration can be another option with same usability. The application has been developed for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7 platforms. The specialised measurement tool designed to find out rations in relation to golden ratio.


The latest version is Windows 8.1 version, and better DPI companionable. This time it is transportable for the authorized users. It takes only 784 KB of system resource. The application works well with platforms like Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Vista 64 bit/ 7/ 7 64 bit. On a whole, the Artise Golden Section can be a fine recommendation to provide your design with best look in terms of golden ratio.


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