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Atomic Subscription Manager is a type of mailing list management system. As soon as it is installed, this application automatically controls all user requests from and to the mailing list. The number of these mailing lists that may be controlled is not limited. It is the subscription station that works in real-time and every hour of a day.


Atomic Subscription Manager permits synchronization of automatic mailing list in a number of ways. It can confirm the definite email address intended for incoming emails and locate customer’s requests for subscription or its cancellation. The rules are set for treating incoming mail in advance by denoting actions as well as theme keywords. In this way, the software can get the essential emails within the inbox. Email addresses can be added or removed through the subscription forms. When the address is specified in the form, Atomic Subscription Manager would link to the form and obtain information about fresh subscribers and those who desire to leave the mailing list, doing the required adjustments to the existing list. Aside from the process of subscription, this Atomic Subscription Manager is competent of delivering automatic notifications on a subscription status of a client. The standard notifications can be created on the present states and activities. Each new created notification may be altered and is transported automatically as a reply to the related subscriber action.

Atomic Subscription Manager is proficient of running the several mailing lists- insert and edit contacts, look for email addresses and remove duplicates. On formation of any new project, the path to any local folder with a mailing list is to be indicated, and the app will load it in automatic way. The mailing list can be loaded from files in different formats such as .csv, .docx and so on.

The program may be set to start while the PC is launched, keeping the mailing record up-to-date. Atomic Mail Sender can be launched at any time to send the mails to the lists, and this Subscription Manager would employ list management commands. The popular process of sending subscription requests to any mailing robot can also be used.


The alternative of Atomic Subscription Manager is MessageExport for Outlook, which is intended for any person who needs to promptly and simply export messages of email from Microsoft Outlook to various formats. Another one is HandyBits Voice mail that provides one of the easiest modes to save time and accelerate the productivity through recording the e-mails by means of voice. YPOPs is the similar software that aims to carry the POP3 practicability back to the e-mail account.


The software works with different projects. An unlimited number of projects can be created. It contains a user-friendly interface and thus the program can be quickly understood. Its latest version is 8.0 in which the project management is restructured and the interface is much improved. Some new additions such as in project activation, keywords, bounce removal are also added to the newest version.


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