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Bulk sending is extensively employed by email marketers as a system of continuous communication. This can allow the businessman to spread facts about their products as well as their services to a huge number of audiences within a short period. Atomic Mail Sender is a specialized high-quality mass email software to do email marketing operations. It provides the user with the chance to create and launch a large amount of emails to numerous recipients.


The mailing list of this application may hold as many emails and customized fields as the user wishes. The users can start delivering emails at any time and even stop it if required to carry on the process later. The program is competent to function with any one of 3 SMTP types of server. The SMTP Wizard will assist the user to set and modify a server to deliver email. One of them is built-in server, which is integrated within the software. It can increase to the utmost level. The next one is third party SMTP, which is used when the direct mailing is not possible. Atomic SMTP Server is the alternate one that quickly incorporates into a bulk sender. The software can work by means of proxy servers like Socks 4 or 4A, etc. The program always checks the ranks of proxy servers and removes dead items before delivery begins.

Atomic Mail Sender is also able to deliver newsletters with secured Internet connection. The existence of SSL or TLS offers safe contact through the web. They permit reconnection with no persistent authentication. AMS can run simple-text and HTML format. However, the user is restricted in some editing features with text mode. Just as any other similar Atomic product, this Mail Sender simply joins together with other items, for instance; email extraction as well as management software. The programs of email extraction send addresses to the application- Atomic Mail Sender with no scheduled export operations. The user can manage the email operation by observing who opens and goes through the email and also who clicks the links or get download of the folders. Being combined with Atomic Email Tracker, this program produces a hidden tracking code and puts it into delivered messages.


An alternative of AMS is AB Bulk mailer, which is the globally selling email marketing application, with integrated email extractor, message verifier, twitter poster as well as Facebook extractor for a lifetime use. It needs no monthly charge. Another one is bulk mailer one, which is based on years of study in marketing and permits small industries to develop at a high rate. It allows them to get customers for the business worldwide and enables to mail them free.


Atomic Mail Sender is mass mailing software or a corporate broadcast application, which is able to send numerous email messages to unlimited recipients very fast. Its amazing speed is attained with the help of each of the existing bit of the Internet connection. The program functions in a multi-thread method, which offers high speed. So, even though the connection is slow, several messages can be sent in a minute.


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