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Atlantis Word Processor is a text editor, or specifically as the name suggests it is a word processor application. The application is equipped with some premium tools that enable users to effectively edit the word files in a comparable less time. Atlantis Word Processor is a paid application, although a trial demo is also available.


As per the name suggests Atlantis Word Processor is a word processor tool that comes packed with all the tools required for editing word documents. However, it can edit a variety of other extensions too including RTF format and many others. The application comes packed in a 4 MB installable package which is quite lightweight as compared to other applications of the same community. Atlantis Word Processor installs in seconds and integrates itself to all the supported files automatically. The interface of the application is similar what might have already be seen the previous version of Microsoft Word and other similar applications. This gives users a boost start as all the controls are ordered like wisely in the same manner.

Users can edit documents and also create new ones. Editing options remain the same with the support of inserting hyperlinks, bold, italics, strikeout, double strikeout, etc. Using this application, font color, size and type of the font can also be changed. The headers and footers can also be added to the file using the respective option. Also, automatic page numbers, dates and other such entities can also be added. This application also has an option of proofreading the document as it has spell checker and auto correct option included in it. The formatted files can be saved as RTF, DOC, DOCX, TXT or COD formats. The toolbars can be managed to give a custom look to the application. As the Atlantis Word Processor is a very lightweight application, it doesn’t consume much of CPU and RAM of any system onto which it is installed, rather it runs smoothly on lowly configured computers too.


Word processor applications are text editors, which allow users to insert extra functionalities to a text document. The functions may be adding a hyperlink, table, header, footer or any other such applications. Once such application is Atlantis Word Processor. There are many other applications that do the same common task of editing word documents. Some of such applications are Focus Writer, Scribus, etc. When compared, all of these applications were quite similar and providing all the major functions. Although variations were noted in their interface, the interface of Atlantis Word Processor is quite simple and resembles that of old times, thus making users to easily cope up with the application.


Atlantis Word Processor is a lightweight word processer application that comes packed with all the useful tools that would be required to completely organize, edit and create the word documents. When compared to other devices it leads in some features while lags in some others. On a mere basis, this application is quite useful if you are looking for a lightweight and simple word processor application.


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