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ASTRA 32 is a flexible option made for providing complete data regarding the system hardware. The simple application can shift between various formats. It involves one of the finest and interactive interfaces. There are specs those let you witness the processor speed, system information, source and others. Other storage related details like memory size, arrangement patter, external storage options, ODD related information, platforms, and connectivity detail can be achieved easily as well.


This application makes you available with the port architecture and every detail about it for any reference. Additionally, information like surrounding temperature, supply system, marks can be made available easily through it. Your job can be easier through the information like the specs those can deal well with CPUs, compiling options, timing arrangements, etc. The application lets you test the cache characteristics, booting options, and other features.

Talking about the other useful properties, the tool brings you with the option of having crucial details regarding PCI devices, storage sections, coherent drivers, external ports, connectivity, and other details. Additionally, the external input manipulating options show the processing information, speed, temperature, control panel, and etc.

In addition, the tool consists of a line-up of the tools those are applied over your system. It provides the flexibility of choosing the information to be put in the final output and make those available over txt, HTML, XML, and other formats. It is quite automated on its way as the tool reads the system and spontaneously shows the complete detail in the basic interface. Despite dealing with the crucial sections the application takes only 2.1 MB of system resource, and never interrupts with other functionalities. The low resource consumption leads towards a sleek performance. It has been thoroughly tested as well, and involves no issues like bugs, viruses, malware, etc.


LookInMyPC by CYBERsitter for Windows is another similar application that lets the users in creating full and enriched structures, audit works, with an ease. In addition, the tool is efficient enough in preparing analytic reports over their PCs as well. The application is quite simple for all users. Sysinfo can be another recommendation having similar functionality as of ASTRA 32. This made by Nil Gradisnik application is available for Linux platforms. It is basically a graphical application that efficiently shows the system related issues (both internal and external) and those run overs the computers. The application puts a great hand regarding your system safety by reading the external inputs and the system built-in.


ASTRA 32 is a fantastic tool for system administration and performance related works. The application works fine with all Windows platforms. The latest edition has solved the minute issues those were seen with some processors in earlier editions.


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