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User ID and password combination are the essential part of modern internet and computer life of ours. However, we often tend to forget such combinations leading to lots of hassle. However, modern browsers and software often provide an option to remember such passwords for you. While this is a handy feature, the password is shown as asterisks or black dots instead. Thus even if you can login temporarily, yet you cannot possible see the password for real and copy paste does not help either. In such cases, you need software, which can decode the password for you. Asterisk Key is one such software, which can decode and decipher such passwords for you.


The user interface is fairly simple with “Recover”, “Support” and “Stop” buttons. Upon clicking the recover button, the process starts. The software examines all software and dialog boxes that have a password filed and it is filled with blocked passwords and recovers them. After recovery, the list of recovered items is listed along with a “Copy” link, which puts the password in clipboard and later can be pasted if required. The software has the latest technology to recover passwords almost instantly without any unnecessary delay. Multilingual passwords are also supported. The installation and uninstallation is totally hassle free. The free software is available for Windows XP and up.


Asterisk Key is a freeware for Windows for password recovery. However, there are a few such software available. SpotAuditor Password Recovery is such software for retrieving lost passwords and is highly regarded as well. And then there is Asterisk Password Spy as well which can recover password even if you do not see any asterisk in the password field. The software also contains password recovery modules for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The competition is not too saturated and Asterisk Key provides a unique software solution to a genuine problem.


Asterisk Key is a simple to use software to recover masked passwords. It addresses a unique need and does it pretty well enough. The algorithms used lead to a fast password recovery and can easily be copied to clipboard, and thus retrieved by pasting in any text editor program. The software is free and is available for Windows XP and up thus covering almost all PC users.


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