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Ashampoo snap is very amazing as well as popular software for screen as well as video captures. The support for images as well as for videos makes this software special and different from others. Ashampoo Snap offers a very easy as well combined solution of video and image capture, sharing and editing. Users can download the free version of the software from the internet which has limited options.


Ashampoo Snap offers a bar at the top of the user’s window which is hardly visible but consists of most used and most important features that the user might use very often. It also allows the user to define their own hotkeys for performing various functions. The functions that are supported for hotkeys are Full Screen, Window, Scrolling window capture, Multiple window capture, Fixed region capture, Rectangular region capture, Freehand area capture, Timed capture and video capture. In short, the software allows you to take the screenshot of almost everything that you can see in your display screen.

After taking the screen shot you are automatically taken to the editor where the user can alter the captured image as per their requirements. The editor offers a lot of options to the user which include adding object, changing the size of the image, highlighting or blurring a particular portion of the image. Ashampoo snap also offers a video capturing feature which is more or less works like the image capture only. All the user needs to do is to mark the area and that area will be captured to the video automatically by the software or manually by the user. The user is also given an option to save in wma or avi format.


The software is similar to most of the other software present in the market, but there are some features that take it ahead in the race. The most important feature that gives Ashampoo snap a lead is video capturing. Hardly one will find any other software that offers this feature. Also the editor comprises of all the features that you will require to make the captures screenshot look better than before.


So Ashampoo Snap is able to offer all the necessary features required by a person for proper screen capturing, editing and video capturing. There is no doubt in the fact that the editor is really very powerful and really very simple interface which could be easily used by a newbie. So if you have been looking for excellent and strong software for screen and video capture, Ashampoo Snap could be the end of your search.


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