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Computer disc space and system file integrity are some of those important things which Windows maintains thoroughly for better functionality. The heavy usage and extra load on system drive results in fragmentation of system files and different sectors of it. If these fragmented files pile up beyond a certain limit, Windows often crashes down. To stop it, Ashampoo Magical Defrag is a software that can help the user to get back a healthy system drive. This lightweight tool is very efficient in defragging important files so that the computer runs at an optimal speed.


Ashampoo Magical Defrag is the perfect tool to maintain computer health. It works on background and defrags the hard drives efficiently when the computer is idle. Apart from its highly active and improvised defragger engine, the software provides some other important features. This defrag software sports an incredibly simple user interface which self explains the functions of a button. In this intuitive interface, there is Job administrator, from where the user can schedule a defrag job. The job administrator also provides multiple defrag options, including defragment of all drives or just a specific one or two.

One of the major benefits of this software is that it works at background to save processor space for important application to be run and whenever any extra space is needed it immediately pauses the monitoring. It supports the defragmentation of compressed file unlike other tools. Other software generally requires an analysis phase to locate the bad sectors, but Ashampoo Magical Defrag starts defraging the disc within a second and its defrag algorithm do not require any analysis. After it finishes the job, a statistic of results is shown and this can be used via a local network also. This tool runs on an attitude of ‘install and forget’. So the users only have to install the software and the tool takes care of the computer perfectly.


Beside this tool, the market has some other software of this category and some of them are Smart Defrag, UltraDefrag, O&O Defrag Professional, etc. Even after having tough competition, Ashampoo magical Defrag is the most popular defrag engine because of its efficiency and simple design. The major benefit of running on the background save processor space and do not hamper the routine work. Notably, O&O Defrag Profession also provides registry cleaner, disc space free application in one package and is preferred application in this category.


When computer health is concerned, hard disc drive health is one of those utmost priorities, so that the processor do not have to find the fragmented files taking much time. Ashampoo Magical defrag is a light-weight, self-explaining tool which silently maintain system health. This tool is a must have for all those who want their system to live up to the expected speed and functionality for a longer time.


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