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The hard disk drive is like a heart of any computer. It is very important to keep monitoring the health of the hard disk drive on a day-to-day basis. This helps in keeping the most important valuable data intact. Ashampoo HDD control helps in vigilant monitoring, maintenance of hard disks and helps in getting the maximum performance out of the hard disk drive.


Ashampoo HDD control has easy to use user interface, which comes with option of Basic functions, monitoring, Guard, and Drive cleaner, Internet cleaner, Defrag, Disk Space Explorer, File Wiper and Undeleter toolbar.

Basic function tab has the option of setting the skin, Language and setting password. One has the option to set the skin, which could be a default, xpclassic and xpsilver. Monitor hard drive portion monitors the health, performance and temperature of Hard disk drive. When the temperature goes beyond a certain level, it gives a sound, which could be set by the user to take immediate actions. Internet cleaner tab helps remove the Internet traces from the computer. Drive cleaner helps find the redundant files in the folders and can be deleted if needed to free up the space. Defrag option helps in defragmentation of hard drives.

If the files are deleted accidentally there is an option to restore those files as well. It lists the list of deleted files in the near future of a particular drive and helps the user to restore the same which is done by Undeleter option. There is an option to get to know the hard drive speed. If it’s really slow immediate actions as specified by Ashampoo HDD control can be taken. Analysis tab gives the number of objects in each folder, their space and type of the files. The analysis is given in the form of different types of charts.

Additionally, benchmark option gets the information from the Internet on the performance of similar hard disk drive models with other users. This way users can compare their performance with others and if they feel it’s not on par with them can take necessary actions. SMART option from this tool helps in doing a self-check of the Hard disk drive for its electrical and mechanical performance.


Winoptimizer11, UnInstaller 5, Media Sync, Core Tuner 2 and Magical Defrag 3 are some of the tools, which work similarly like Ashampoo. But Ashampoo is unique among all these tools because it is all in one tool wherein it just does not monitor the performance, but looks into the overall option of defragmentation, data recovery and cleaning up of HDD.


Ashampoo is an easy to use, reliable tool which runs automatically and does a self-check of not just the internal hard drives but also externally connected drives and USB. This is very fast and runs without disturbing other applications as it runs in the background.


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