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Installing SSD to Computer has numerous advantages. Booting up of PC and starting applications is done with in no matter of time with SSD. AS SSD benchmark helps in determining the performance of different SSD drives. It runs a set of unique tests to know the performance of SSD drive. It tests the read write performance of the SSD without any interference to the cache. It creates a benchmark and is put through vigorous read/write operation of SSD to know which SSD works best.


SSD Benchmark does the function of read or writes to, any random 4k blocks, 1 or 64 threads and 1 Giga byte file. It helps in determining the access time of SSD’s. There are two other benchmark tests which determine and test the behavior of the drive. This could be done while copying the larger files, huge amount of small files and a mixture of large and small files by making use of cached copy functions of the operating system and also while reading and writing the data which hugely depends on the compression value of the data.

The toolbar has the option of setting the language user prefers. There is a Help option as well, which helps in letting the user know how to use the tool. The user has to select the drive in the drop down menu and AS SSD Benchmark tool does the rest of the calculation. It calculates the read, write scores of 4k, Seq, 4k 64 thread, Access time and also gives the total score. The unit for both read and writes scores are in Mega Bytes per second. Once the drive is selected, the user has to click on start to get the read and write values. There is an option to abort the process in the middle. It gives the total amount of time taken to do this read / write operation.

Ideal for a 120 Giga byte model SSD a sequential write of 397 megabytes per second is really good. Compression benchmark is obtained in the form of graphs. Test patterns are created based on the drive selected by the user and the compression level varies based on the data which has to be tested. The compression ranges from 0 % to 100%. If the chart received should be of linear scale which means the compression loss is at its minimum. When most of the data which has to be tested is on the higher side performance, then a straight line is obtained which indicates great performance of SSD drive.


Autoruns, CCleaner, Speccy, Defraggler are some of the tools which work in a similar manner like AS SSD benchmark. AS SSD benchmark tool stands unique because of its robustness and easy to use interface. It gives very fast outputs based on which decisions can be taken on SSD.


AS SSD benchmark is the best tool if one is trying to gauge different SSD’s. One of the main advantages is that it’s a freeware which is being available in different languages.


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