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ApexDC++ is a software that has been developed by Apex DC++ developers in order to assist the user in file sharing. The application is very much similar to Strong DC++ and is a peer to peer software. The architecture of this particular application allows the user to share the files that they want in the direct connected networks with the help of two protocols which are known as ADC and NDMC.

Where we can see a lot of people relying on various torrent clients and applications for downloading as well as uploading of data, ApexDC++ has been successful in developing a huge fan base and the reason behind that is its simplicity and ease of functioning and dependence upon many other algorithms of sharing, which are in turn more advantageous in enhancing the speed of file transfer.


Some of the most basic features of ApexDC++ are mentioned below:

  • It supports binary list of PeerGuardian that includes various formats like P2Bv3, P2Bv2, etc.
  • The positions of the toolbar in the application are stored.
  • The application automatically opens up the hub OP chat.
  • Option to lock the toolbar.
  • New option to use the Auto complete option in the search window.
  • The user can keep the finished downloads as well as uploads in between the sessions.
  • A new quick search box.
  • User can now place the non hub tabs up in the front position.
  • A lot of mini tabs.
  • One can now blend the offline search results.
  • The chat messages boxes are auto resized.
  • Automatic checking of viruses in the downloads that are completed.
  • One can also select the old way to of StrongDC 1.x for the display of hub names.
  • If any file has already been shared by the user, it is highlighted in the search window.
  • The present “Hub chatrooms” have been modified, so that it can be more useful for those users that make use of raw or some user commands.
  • The checked filelists could be deleted.
  • The user can extent their favorite download directories.


There are a lot of factors that give ApexDC++ an upper hand over other similar clients available on the internet. The segment downloading feature offered by the application is among the most appreciated feature that it offers to the users and which allows them to download a file from various multiple sources at the same time and saving the integrity of the package along with it.


Allowing the users to download files from multiple sources and having simplistic user interface, ApexDC++ have a good integration for downloading and sharing of files.


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