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As the world becomes more connected and Internet becomes more ubiquitous, it becomes a great platform for sharing information. And that means creating websites and serving up contents to the visitors. Antenna Web Design Studio is an application that lets users design website with visual tools and other controls.


Antenna Web Design Studio features a souped up Windows interface with toolbar icon buttons and menu bar. The main Window is divided into a left pane for file organization, properties, layouts and styles and the right pane shows the web design results. Rapid site building is aided by WYSIWYG editor and snap-to-grid facility for easy alignment of items. For user experience, Antenna Web Design Studio provides custom UI controls with graphics and gradients. The UI controls also feature special effects like roll over background, shadows, bevels and reflections. There are also gallery creation tools to serve up digital media contents. The website design is done with layers approach akin to Photoshop where each layer can house multiple objects with full support for layer transparency. Layers can be made common to multiple pages and any change in such layers is reflected in all linked pages instantly. There is also a CSS style editor built-in with hints for quick styling. Multimedia content support includes the ability to add hardware accelerated H263/MP4, MP3, AAC, OPUS, OGG, WEBM, Flash, and FLV. The whole project is stored as a single file making it easily portable. Antenna also comes with a built-in FTP publisher with option to publish only updated contents for quicker deployment. There is also multilingual support for text contents. Apart from built-in tools, it also supports custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well. Antenna is available for all major versions of Windows, which includes Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Windows 8.


On Windows platform, Antenna Web Design Studio is only bested by professional tools like Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web. The former provides a power-user akin environment with large number of plugin support but can be daunting for new users and is not meant for beginners. The latter is a free alternative but is again not as simple to work with as Antenna. The other option is to use full-blown developer tools like Eclipse and Visual Studio – both of which are geared towards people who are well versed with the web stack and not for beginners at all. Bluefish is a similar HTML editor but does not come with a huge library of contents unlike Antenna Studio.


Antenna Web Design Studio is the best “for beginner and non-developer” software to create websites, especially with static animated contents. The design tools are great to work with and can be instantly previewed along with a large library of pre-built UI contents and graphics. For more advanced users it supports HTML/CSS/JavaScript programming.


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