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Remembering lots of things in a daily life can be a tough task. Anki is an open source cross-platform flashcard software. This software is available for major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux distribution / BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution). Anki is also available for mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.


Anki is a simple flashcard program that helps the users to remember things very easily. Anki has been developed focusing on educational aspects. This software provides study cards or flash cards which can be used to increase the memorization power. Children, people who are studying for various types of exams and people who need to remember lots of things in their daily life can get many benefits by installing this application.

Anki can help people to learn a new language, memorize the whole vocabulary, studying for exams, memorizing the names, studying poems and long lessons, etc. Interface of this software is very simple, but it takes time for some users to understand the working of this software. This application follows a step by step interface. This software allows the users to create new profiles where the decks can be created. The notes and cards are to be added in these decks. The deck files can be imported and exported. They can be exported individually or totally. These files are saved in Anki deck package format. If the cards have already been created, the user can search and locate those cards using a built-in card browser. Using this card browser, the cards can also be viewed and edited. This application shows the time taken to read particular number of cards. With this information, a user can increase their productivity by increasing the reading rate of the cards.

Additionally, In order to train the user, Anki uses a training method called as SuperMemo SM2 algorithm. This algorithm lets the users select the number of cards one wishes to learn in a particular time and also chooses the cards automatically based on the progress. This software has more additional features.

Synchronization and backups are one of the most adorable services provided by this software. Favorite cards or most learned cards can be synced over the web and by this, the user can access those cards anywhere around the world using an internet connection and Ankiweb service. This application lets the users to completely customize the look and layout of the cards. Apart from this, the study schedules can also be customized.

Some people find harder to read content because they are lazy at times. In order to improve the productivity and to make the learning easier, Anki allows users to embed audio clips, images, videos, and scientific mark-ups on the cards. People can understand the ideas clearly when images and videos are used. This application can handle 100,000+ cards easily. There are ample of add-ons available for Anki such as power create lists, super styler, multi-choice quiz and many more.


Some alternatives of Anki are Cardkiwi, Cerego, Cobocards, Cram, and Course Hero, etc. Each and every flashcard program other than Anki has their disadvantages. Some flash card programs don’t have options to import and export the decks whereas few don’t support usage of media files. Favourite cards cannot be synchronized over the Internet. Thus, Anki is the best content agnostic and simple to use software available.


Anki is one of the best flash card programs available. This software can be applied in various fields such as education, music, and general purposes.


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