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Angry IP Scanner is an efficient software program for scanning IP addresses of machines in a network. The application helps identify dead or alive IPs. The program also helps resolves issues pertaining to host names, checking open ports and scanning machines that are dead.


Angry IP Scanner is a useful tool for monitoring IP activities of various machines on a network. The program is useful in determining whether a particular IP is dead or alive. It helps manage host names, scan machines that are alive or dead and monitor open ports.

The program incorporates several features such as scanning columns that are configurable, several different export formats, plug-ins, concurrently scanning multiple ports, updating MAC vendor details and HostnameFetcher for querying mDNS and NetBIOS.

Users can use this application for identifying IPs that are either alive or dead and also for scanning open ports. This helps enhance security of the network. The application allows accessing Windows Shares, Telnet, FTP and tracing routes for the entries, which have been selected from the list. It helps monitor network activities such as users that are logged into the network, workgroup details, MAC addresses and computer details.

Angry IP Scanner has an intuitive and simple interface that allows even new users to easily access the application and operate it efficiently. The application supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Advanced IP Scanner is an application similar to Angry IP Scanner. The application helps detect various devices on a network, wireless devices and Wi-Fi routers that are installed and are a part of the network. The program can scan the ports and can find FTP, RDP, HTTP and HTTPS shared folders. It allows easy connectivity to PCs that run Radmin Server. The application allows shutting computers remotely and supports Wake-On-LAN. It enables running ping, telnet, tracert and SSH commands on the specifically selected computers on a network.


Angry IP Scanner is a highly effective and efficient application for scanning IP on a network. It helps easily identify the status of various devices and their IP addresses on a network. The application is useful in finding dead and alive IPs and scan ports to identify open ports. The software enhances the security of a network by monitoring IP addresses and devices. It is also effective in monitoring network activities such as logged user, workgroup, MAC addresses and computer details. This helps in easy and efficient management of a network.


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