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AndreaMosaic is a cross platform software. This application is also available as a portable version which makes it comfortable to use on different computers. AndreaMosaic allows users to create mosaics with the selected photographs.


AndreaMosaic is simple and easy to use software that provides step by step guidance to create mosaic images. This application provides four tile options which are classified based on the aspect ratio of the tiles of the mosaic. The square tiles have 1:1 aspect ratio, DSLR tiles have 3:2 aspect ratio, Rectangle tiles have 4:3 aspect ratio and movie tiles have 16:9 aspect ratio. The application is user-friendly and it guides the user each and every time while creating the mosaic. The status bar displays the processing status of the mosaic images. Each and every step is labelled using numbers; user can follow the note in the application, along with the numbers to successfully create a mosaic.

The application features 3 steps to create an image mosaic. First is to add an image, second is to move the added images into a list and save the list, third is to build the mosaic for the selected image. There are two options to add an image in this application. The image can be added by using the ‘+’ button as there is no drag and drop option available. By using this option, images and folders can be added to the list simultaneously and they can also be removed from the list.

New lists of images and folders can be created and the lists can be saved in AM4 format which is supported only by AndreaMosaic application. The lists can be saved in a particular folder of the computer and can be used in the future. Apart from this, AndreaMosaic provides more control over the tiles to be created. Users can change the values/settings in size parameters, tile parameters and tile variants section to customize them. These settings can be saved as a text file for future reference. The mosaic information section shows the technical details about the mosaic that is to be created.


Some alternatives of AndreaMosaic are Foto Mosaik Edda, Mosaic Creator, and Photo Mosaic Studio. Foto Mosaik Edda is available only as a portable version and not as a standalone version. Moreover, this application is more complex to use when compared with AndreaMosaic. Mosaic Creator and Photo Mosaic Studio are also lightweight applications, but they are very complex to use. The interface of AndreaMosaic is clean and intuitive; it also guides the user step-by-step.


If you are looking forward to create mosaic images with an easy-to-use and lightweight tool AndreaMosaic must be the best solution.



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