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The analogue Vista clock is a customizable clock, which can be used in personal computers. Once installed, it stays in system tray and on the desktop. Input devices like keyboard or mouse do not affect this clock. Hence, it works independent of any of the system applications. Also, Analogue vista clock is entirely configurable by the user.


This clock comes in with a lot of configurable features like changing the size of the clock, position, transparency level, alarm time settings, etc. All these could be done by clicking on the clock’s tray icon. This clock can also be used to set an alarm. Alarm setting has a ‘selective button’ option, which helps a user to on or off the alarm. There are 5 built in alarm sounds, which come with the vista clock. One can also use the sounds from any of the files and folders on the PC. The user has to just browse through the files and folders using the browse option.

Additionally, this clock supports most of the music formats like Mp3, wav, etc. There is also an option to set some particular days of the week for which the alarm should buzz. If the user wishes the alarm to ring from Monday to Friday, a click on the option box from Monday to Friday would be sufficient to meet up the requirement. Moreover, if the computer is in hibernate modes or standby mode and if the clock is running during the alarm time, it will wake the system out of its sleeping mode. This could be achieved by selecting the option “wake up from standby”.

By default, this clock comes with a plain clock. When right clicked, Analogue Vista Clock also allows putting one’s own pictures in the clock face. By default, this tool comes up with 6 inbuilt vista look skins, which can be customized by the user. Once registered, the user can go ahead and download as many skins based on preferred choice. Also, there are so many options for the users to change the color of the clock, its numbers and hand color of the clock, etc. User can set all these with just a click according to their whims and fantasies.


Custom skin clocks, start8, Fences, Minecraft are some of the tools, which work like Analogue Vista clock. This tool is unique because of its capacity to ring different sounds, instead of the boring chimes and beeps, which come as default in many of the alarm clocks. Also, the option to move the clock wherever needed on the desktop makes it a highly customizable tool, which does not interfere in any of the applications being used.


Even though, the name suggests it is just as an alarm clock, but, it can be used for many other functions like setting of date, countdown, stop watch, world clock, timer, etc. It is of great use for people, who is bored with windows built in the system tray and would like to see some changes in clock by setting different colors and skin.


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