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AMP WinOFF is a utility software that is used for scheduling the process of shut down of a computer. The features of this software are abundant with lots of options to change configurations. The software has become a very useful utility in today’s computer generation.


AMP WinOFF consists of several features and there are several modes involved to use the application. This application has the ability to change modes and settings for the shut down process. Major features includes:

  • At a certain date or a point of time which is set by the users, this software will get your system to go through shut down.
  • After a period of time the user can set a time, and the computer will be scheduled to be shut off once it reaches this time period.
  • The whole process can be done in absence of any user activity.
  • In absence of CPU activity. This is important as this saves the internal memory of the system and prevents the system from getting hung. A self-protector event implemented by the software makes things stay safer and steadier.
  • In absence of any network activity, WinOff can detect the current situation of the system and after a specified period of time interval, it gets the computer to shut down.

Apart from these, shut down can also be initiated when the CPU load is below 1%, thus allowing the system to stay off load and save power. This process can also be initiated through user settings and planning when the network transfer is below 1 kb/s.


With the advent of the digital world, computers have burst onto the scene making them an important part of our life. Similarly, software have come into the age and made things much simpler and thus, people always crave for the best one. When it comes to shut down schedule settings, AMP WINOFF has had tons of competitions from similar software such as auto shutdown, winmedo, wise auto shutdown, etc. This software has hit the market really high and is giving enough competition for Win OFF. Still, variant features and multi problem solving abilities of WinOFF have made sure that this software stays at the top of the tree. With its multilingual guidance and various options for shutting down the computer, this software has been really very user friendly to deal with and is pretty simple to use. Several security options, use of timer display for the shut down time period, non- intervention with an antivirus, are some of the features that let it to stand higher than such similar software.


With tons of features adding variance and with simplicity, it has become extremely popular in its category.


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