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AMD Overdrive is a utility that is used to improve the flexibility of applications using sockets, processors or chipsets. The hardware parameters of a system can be handled automatically using this utility. Once these system parameters are modified, stability tests can be conducted to verify the performance of the system.


AMD Overdrive gives the user a complete control of the system. The user interface is very easy to use and can be easily handled by beginners as well. The latest versions of this utility include the overdrive overclock facility and also monitoring software. The utility can increase the bandwidth and overclock the system memory for better performance. Gaming software with low frame rates do not function well. Most of the video games surpass the memory limits. In such situations, AMD Overdrive is a good option, especially for systems that are AMD based. This utility acts as a catalyst to the drives and boosts the CPU speed. When a consistent system performance is required or when a stable clock speed is necessary, this utility provides the best of its services to implement the same. In order to perform system tuning for running an AMD rig, this utility is the best available option. The top of this utility comprises of 6 indicators. They include activity, GPU clock, memory clock, power indicator, temperature and fan speed. The fan speed and clock speed can be adjusted according to the graphics card. When the GPU is running in the high performance mode, the clock settings can be applied. The screen also displays a 2D graph, which represents the heat map. The x axis of this graph represents the power limit of the card, while the y axis represents the GPU clock speed. A mouse cursor is provided which can be used to hover over the map. This is very user friendly and can be set at a faster rate as compared to the manual settings.

Additionally, powerTune is the most recent iteration of AMD Overdrive. This utility mainly defines how the overdrive looks and behaves. This helps in making the process of Overclocking easier to follow, by partially abstracting the GPU clock speed. The power limit setting is usually done on a percentage basis and normally allows 20% to 50% rise on the card.


Speed Fan, Open hardware monitor and HWMonitor are the other utilities that monitor voltage and temperature in computer systems. AMD Overdrive is a more powerful utility, due to its flexible features of adjusting GPU clock speed and other indicators, to monitor the system.


AMD Overdrive provides a very simple way to overclock the video cards and is the only utility available that has this feature in the control panel, which is a good advantage to the users. It helps the new users in learning the fundamentals of Overclocking very easily.


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