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Amaze is a screensaver application for windows. It allows its users to have their images and other multimedia files to be seen during the time screensaver is active. It automatically scans the complete directory of which the path has been included in its settings. It makes the screensaver look more cool and stylish, by making custom transition effects. There are certain more additional features that this screen saver application offers.


Amaze is a screensaver utility with certain advanced options and customizations. The main attraction of this application is it plays slideshow of the images as a screensaver. The images can be defined by the users by adding paths for the images to displayed during the screensaver. Using Amaze is very easy and takes few seconds to install on any machine. There is not any specific application or interface to be used by this application. To access this application, open the desktop properties in Windows XP or open personalize in Windows 8/7. Under personalize options there is an option to change the screensaver. Once the screensaver window is opened, users can see a full list of screensaver available on their system. Under the same menu, Amaze settings can be found.

Users can select all of their favourite images and videos to be played during the screensaver timeout. There are around 150 transition effects to isolate between images and videos. Also, if users wish to display images only, they can also set background music to be played during the screensaver. It supports GIF, JPEG, JGP, BMP, etc image formats; MPEG, AVI, etc. video formats and MP3, WAV, WMA,etc. Users can also set the application to automatically change the desktop wallpaper after a definite time interval, and this feature can be very useful for users still working on Windows XP or earlier versions of windows.


Screensavers are generally used to save monitors from flickering effects and other damages. One such application is Amaze, which is a spectacular screensaver app. It allows its users to display their favourite videos and images during the time screensaver is active. There are tons of screensaver available in the market of various kinds and types. Some of the screensavers are Animated Screensaver maker, Screensaver Factory, etc. Talking about Amaze, it plays the slide show of images during its runtime. While there are some screensavers available which allows screensavers to be created using their application. Amaze lags these apps in this section. Although it has an additional functionality of automatically changing the desktop background which is not found in any other app of the same kind.


Amaze is a screensaver application that plays the slideshow of the images and videos defined by the user. Users can also choose to play background music during its runtime. However there are screensavers that leads Amaze in terms of features, it occupies a place in the market due to additional functions and features such as ability to control desktop background preferences and play videos during the screensaver.



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