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ALShow is an efficient video player which supports most of the important video file formats. The application also allows capturing videos and specific screenshots, make basic adjustments to the video and capture audio as well. The program is lightweight and does not require much of the system resources. Also, the interface of the application is very simple.


ALShow is a highly useful and extremely lightweight application for playing and capturing video files. The program has in-built codes for most of the important video file formats which include DVD, MPG, AVI, WMV, MPEG2, DivX, XviD, FLV, MPEG4, 3ivX, MP4, DTS and AC3 among others. Users can also download and install other codecs for the file formats which are not being supported by the application by default.

The program, in spite of having few and basic features, supports various image control options such as specifying playlists, adjusting brightness and contrast, adjusting images, creating bookmarks, specifying saturation levels and other such options which allow for easily managing the video files. The program also allows capturing screen, video and audio.

Users can also load subtitles for the videos that are being played and can also change the font size. The preference option enables users to create repeat modes for the playlists and other settings such as rewind, fast forward, audio normalization and specifying file associations. The application also supports multiple instances. The program is highly efficient and yet does not need a large amount of system resources. The requirements for the resources is quite low and it does not adversely affect the performance of the system. The user interface is intuitive in nature and this makes the application very easy to be operated by even new users. The program supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


VLC Media Player is an application similar to ALShow. The application allows for easy management of video and audio media files. It is one of the most media management applications and has several options which makes it quite efficient. The program has several settings and menu options which makes it easy for the users to configure the manner in which the media files are to be managed. Users can even customize the application layout and change the skins of the player. The playlist menu includes a playlist editor which can be accessed directly without going to the options menu. Its position can be fixed on the desktop and can also be allowed to float on the screen.


ALShow is an efficient and simple video files player with preinstalled codecs for most of the frequently used video file formats. The other codecs can be easily downloaded and installed by the users. The application includes basic video file management options and has a very plain and simple interface. Other settings options can also be easily changed. The application is lightweight and does not require much of system resources.


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