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All My Movies is a program, which enables a user to create a catalogue of the movies they own. It helps users organize their movies collection through an easy to use application.


All My Movies uses an intuitive interface which makes it easy for users to organize their movie collection and create a catalogue in a simple manner. Most of the organizing operations are automotive and the program downloads the details of movies or television series from online database and even retrieves data from multilingual databases. All My Movies supports creation of online video database with installation of plugins. In case of a TV series, it automatically updates titles of episodes and other descriptions. It incorporates built- in reports and allows users to create their own reports.

This application allows users to scan the barcodes of DVDs and Blu-ray discs and the program downloads the rest of the information from online databases. The program supports downloading of movie posters from online sources like and other similar databases. Movies can be played directly from the program and the software functions like a video playlist. Catalogue in other formats such as Excel files and CSV text files can easily be imported. Frames can directly be captured from the video files and can be stored in the database. This program supports extended database for a movie or TV series by updating fields such as title, cast, director, year of release, genre and other similar information.

The collection catalogue can be exported into several formats viz. Excel, PDF, plain text or HTML. The database can be shared over a network as it supports network mode. It has a password protection option for the database. This program includes a multi-level backup option. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Ant Movie catalogue is similar to All My Movies in terms of cataloguing of movies and supports updation of information manually or automatically. It supports multiple scripts including IMDB, which imports the information from online sources.

Simple Movie Catalogue is another program which supports cataloguing of movie database. It queries IMDB for information and generates HTML catalogue. These can further be sorted and grouped in different categories.


All My Movies is an easy to use and reliable movie cataloguing software which helps in methodic organisation of movies and television series. The updation of information from online sources makes this program a comprehensive tool to organize a movies database in a swift and efficient manner.


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