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Alexa toolbar is extensively utilized by all the Internet bloggers as well as the webmasters to remain tuned with what this whole globe is going behind so as to keep their users live and obtain more traffic. The installation of Alexa Toolbar in IE, Mozilla Firefox or in Chrome is a simple task.


Alexa Toolbar is such a tool, which can perform mainly two functions – it provides the user, with the details regarding the websites that are being viewed, while supplying Alexa with data about which sites are hot at once. Alexa Toolbar is a free search as well as navigation support that accompany the user as they surfs, offering helpful information about the visited sites, without disrupting the Web browsing in any way. One can get rid of irritating popup ads by means of popup Manager of Alexa. Alexa Toolbar having Popup Manager is certified as Freeware intended for Windows operating system from Firefox add-ons with no limitations.

This Alexa Toolbar functions with Internet Explorer and some other browsers as well. Although it is slow to a little extent, it will not create any real problem. This Toolbar is able to fascinate users who are concerned in learning how much popular their and other people’s websites are. This provides links in a straight manner to the hottest online sites, the search terms along with direct connections to Alexa information about the page the user is viewing.

This application moreover connects to archives – earlier editions of websites – and permits to tweet data in a direct way. Any individual can also utilize Alexa Toolbar as a standard search engine to take benefit of the common search services for example Wikipedia as well as Amazon. Alexa Traffic Rank displays the popularity of any website not only in home country but also in all over the world. The Website Reviews will present the user ratings and expose what other individuals think about a certain site.


The alternative of Alexa toolbar is Comoestamos, which is free toolbar that powers up the browser experience. This permits one to get the newest content regardless of where the user is on the web. This contains Comoestamos multiengine search, book and encyclopedia search and many more. Another one is Crawler Toolbar. It is a free toolbar that is feature packed and can improve the desktop environment. Toolbar Cleaner is also another item that is parallel to all these systems.


Alexa Toolbar is the main stamina of the Alexa ranking structure. The Toolbar presents the exceptional capability to update within real-time to give the information about the website that is visited. Surfing is totally safe and the users can halt the phishers as well as scammers by way of Alexa’s special instantaneous site information. Many people think that it is a toolbar that is the only basis for counting the online visitors. Although there are some other sources also, this is the major one to count traffic.


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