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Designing beautiful, good looking and unique flash banners for website is the biggest dream of user and for this, user always depend on some application to perform these functions. Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker is that useful application to design flash banners for their websites. Also, it allows user to customize their banner in as many different perimeters depending on their choice. With this application user can select image, background color, effects and many more. Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker has a simple interface, which is helpful for all users to create the best design.


Designing flash banner for website is a priced possession of many users and for this, they do different experiments every now and then to make it happen. But there is a useful application present by which user can create flash banners easily and more effectively than any other application. Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker is the application, which allows user to create flash banners for their website. With this helpful application user can customize banner on every aspect like user can adjust frame rate, radius and shape of the banner according to their choice. Also, user can perform actions like changing width, height and other useful perimeters with this application. One more important feature of Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker is giving a border, adjusting colors and sound effects by choosing sound file. User has the full authority to start or stop sound in the entire flash banner. For the background of this banner, user can use either a color or they can import an image and set it in the background, which is also an important feature of this application. User can also create a flash movie through some images and also they can add text effect on those images to give the flash movie a best look.

Another important feature of this application is that a new web page opens up when user click on the movie after it stops to create a loop. Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker has a simple interface and its easy operating mechanism allow beginners to operate it with ease and if they stuck on some point a well guided content will help them. Also, it is a light weighted application and uses small amount of resources so that user can operate other application while using it.


Some other alternatives of Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker are Amara Flash banner builder and AAA Logo but the features and simple GUI, which give this application priority over alternatives. With the help of this application, user can customize their banner in various manners like height, width, shape and color. User can also make a flash movie through images, text, effects and many more useful options.


If the user wants an exact application for designing flash banner for their website then Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker is a best choice. As with this helpful application user can create banners as well as make a flash movie also. User will find it easy to operate because of its simple GUI. Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker has a vast array of customization options, which make this application helpful for users.


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