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Downloading art for music and video album has never been so easier, as this software is providing. One can easily download the artwork for the music album from the net with specific color or even specific file size also. Album Art Downloader XUI is having an exposure over a number of websites like the Last FM, Amazon and CD Universe and many others, where from the software can collect not only the artwork but also the additional texts and information of the album.


The Key Features of the Album Art Downloader XUI are as follows.

  • The Software is a unique Artwork downloader for the PC version.
  • The Album Art Downloader XUI is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and also Windows XP and thus is compatible with all windows versions.
  • The Software is a freeware
  • The software is a Lightweight one and is only 1.012 kb.
  • The software has the ability to get access to the arts and information from a number of well-known sites like the Amazons.

The search can be made regarding the color or the file name or even the album details also. The software collects the data and put them on the list for the user to select the file to be downloaded. Album Art Downloader XUI is versatile software in that sense as the software supports all the version of the images or text files for the support of the Album Arts.


There are many other software in the market for downloading of Cover art, but these one is absolutely a freeware and this is an additional advantage for using the software. The other software is compatible with windows 7 or 8 or with Windows XP and Vista. But this one is compatible with all windows version and so although the user changes the version of OS in their PC, the same software is applicable there also. Although the other software downloads cover arts, but the file sizes are so large at times that the main file or the album operation slows down the PC. To avoid that, this application has a special attribute for the user and that allows a user to specify the size and the specification of download. Thus the entire choosing and downloading of the cover art becomes much easier using these software. The software is also a light weight one, unlike the other software and thus puts no extra pressure on the RAM.


The Album Art Downloader XUI is a perfect and handy freeware to get the artworks and the Cover arts for the albums. The Software’s special support to get the additional information for the album makes the software so unique for any user who is fond of Cover arts.


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