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Aircrack software is a set of tools that are used to audit wireless networks. It is a network software suite that was developed by Thomas d’Ottreppe. It is made up of four important components: a Detector, a Packet sniffer, a WEP and a WPA cracker and analysis tool.


The software works well with all wireless network interface controllers whose drivers support raw monitoring mode. The program runs under both Linux and Windows. The version that is compatible with Linux is made for openwrt. It is a cracking program that is supposed to recover keys after the needed number of data pockets has been captured. The program is supposed to implement standard FMS attacking along with other optimizations such as PTW attack and Korek attacks. Some of the greatest advantages of this program are the fact that it is very efficient, it has a sniffer and has a security check to ensure efficacy.
The program is an open source security program that has the ability to check the security of the WEP or WPA-PSK that you are trying to decode. It is said to have at least 30 different antiviruses to help audit all the wireless networks that you need looked at with complete efficiency. It is important to note that the suite includes a variety of software that serve a variety of purposes.

The main features of the program are :
• It has versions that are compatible with both Windows and Linux.
• It has the ability to decrypt WEP/WAP encrypted captures with a known key.
• It has an automatic tool that is used to recover the WEP key.
• It has tools that are used to manage wireless drivers.
• It has tools that are used to merge and convert.
• It makes use of techniques that are used for attacking clients.

These are just a few of the features that are part of the suite. As mentioned, the program is a suite that is composed of a variety of software. When you want your networks to be diagnosed, you are supposed to run the program and the attempt to force the WEP or WPA key will raise the need to strengthen protection of the network. This can be achieved by either restricting the access to the MAC address or disabling the DHCP.


When compared to other similar software, Aircrack seems like a great choice of audit tools for wireless networks. The only thing that can be said to be a con is the fact that it is difficult to install and also the fact that it can be difficult to operate.
Compared to other similar software, Aircrack seems like the very best set of tools for use in auditing wireless networks and ensuring that they are in the right working order at any given time.


There is no doubt to affirm that Aircrack-NG is a great software. It gives all we need to work well and do a little bit more than we all expect. Do not hesitate to download it !


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