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Agent Ransack is a software tool which is used to search the files in windows which cannot be searched by the windows search utility. This tool is very much customizable by the user and it has a very easy user interface. It works very fast and is very efficient to use.


There are different types of searches available in Agent Ransack. It facilitates regular expression based search that allows complex oriented searches. End user can do the search of the file names or can search the texts inside the files.

The tool comes with a tool bar, which includes options like file, edit, view, search, tools, window and Help. Three options in the main menu are available, which includes main, options and dates. The main window has the option to search by file name, search a file name using option containing text and an option to look in a particular file. The user can either include sub folders, if they wish to. The user has an option to select either small or big alphabet. One has to just click on start to get the results. There is an option to stop/pause the search in the middle. One has to just mention the file size to get the list of files with a particular size.

Files could be searched with respect to the dates. It includes searching on a particular range, date it was last created, the date it was last accessed and the date it was last modified. The results of the searches made are available in two panes. One pane shows the results of searches in one pane and the other pane show the search statistics like number of files found and the number of files searched. It also gives the time it has taken to do the search. The search results give the list of files under the name column, its respective location, size of the file and respective hits. User can select the file they want and take necessary actions. Additionally, user can set the configuration they want on the Agent Ransack Configuration menu.


Ava finds, Index your files and Ultra file search are some of the tools, which work like Agent Ransack. The results can be got in a very less time. The tool is very easy to understand and person with no experience can operate the tool easily. Irrespective of the tool being easy, the ‘Help’ menu is of detailed nature, which is sure to make the user’s life easier. All these features ensure Agent Ransack a very reliable and trusted tool for searching purpose.


Agent Ransack is a fantastic tool, which could be used as an alternative for Windows search. This works great for people who like to learn more about search utilities. Being a freeware, this tool is the best bet for searching options in windows operating systems.


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