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Agama Web Buttons helps you to create 2D and 3D web buttons. This software helps you create beautiful buttons without writing the code. Buttons with various looks and designs can be created with the use of this application. Glassy, metallic, plastic, Windows XP and Vista type buttons can also be created by Agama Web Buttons.


Agama Web Buttons consists of 25 different packages of web buttons and 150 templates which save the creation time. These templates and packages can also be customized based on your needs. There are different types and sizes of button templates available. The color of the buttons, the text inside them and the images inside those buttons can be customized easily. Apart from this, the user can customize the height, width, brightness and contrast of the buttons, and also the mouse hover colors can be changed.

Font type, size, alignment, and the font color of the text are also customizable. Images and pre-loaded clipart can be used on the buttons to make them look more beautiful. Additionally, the button can be linked to a particular URL and the user must manually provide the URL in the application. The created or edited button can be previewed in the default browser to look how the buttons appear on the browser. The changes made to the template can be saved for later use or they can be saved as a new template and the buttons can be exported in an image format. Some of the image formats supported by this application are GIF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP.

When the buttons are created with hover graphics, the user must export the button in a GIF format so that the graphics also appear when it is viewed in a browser. If needed, the complete HTML and JavaScript codes of the buttons can be saved in this application. These codes can be copied and used directly on the web sites and web projects.


Some alternatives of Agama Web Buttons are Likno Web Button Maker and 3D button creator tool. All these software are capable of creating beautiful 2D and 3D buttons. But, Likno Web Button Maker has an advantage over Agama Web Buttons, i.e. it can produce buttons with more effects and animations. However, Agama Web Buttons is easy to use with user-friendly interface which makes it easy for beginners.


With Agama Web Buttons, the web button creation becomes easier and simpler. High-quality buttons can be created in minutes and in a hassle free way. This application will help web designers and web developers by saving their time in coding the buttons they are in need of.


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