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Advanced Renamer is a batch renaming utility. It allows the user to modify the filenames and attributes of a large collection of files or folders. It can be especially useful for maintaining a large amount of media files like photos, music, and videos which contain lots of information within them. The program offers a lot of flexibility in options when dealing with a batch of files.


This software automates the process of renaming a large batch of files. Any number of files and folders can be loaded into the software, which can then be fed, the rules to follow when renaming the files. Instead of manually renaming each file, the software can be instructed to follow a “method” in renaming the files/folders. Multiple methods can be defined simultaneously. The program can look for information within the files such as, in case of image files date created, GPS location, and place; in case of the video files year, publisher’s name; for the music file name of artist, track number, album name. This information is extracted by the program and can be used in renaming the files. The software can also be used to modify file attributes such as ID3 tags and timestamps.

For files not containing this information, the program follows the methods defined by the user to rename the files. While renaming the files, a preview can be seen of how the files would look like after renaming, and the software will proceed only when confirmation is given by the user. After changing the file names, the user can also revert back to the original names if required.

This software may be especially useful for organizing a collection of a large number of photographs. The files which are normally named by default as some variation of the DSC… filename by the camera, can be renamed using this software to contain the date, place taken, in a serialized manner. Real time thumbnail previews are shown in the files, which is a pretty handy feature when renaming photographs. The program has a number of actions that can be performed on a given batch of files. From within the user interface, files can be moved, copied, and new files can be loaded.


Advanced Renamer, along with Bulk Rename Utility and Métamorphose are some of the most used files renaming programs on the Windows platform. Advanced Renamer is freeware, and just like its name, has very advanced features. It offers the most functions of all the others, including complex renaming rules. The Bulk Rename utility has a cluttered interface unlike the Advanced Renamer. Metamorphose is also a quiet complicated tool and requires that the user needs help to run the tool.


Manually renaming your collection of media files was always a time consuming process, but not anymore. An entire collection of files can be renamed with effect, a few clicks of the mouse. And the best part, all and any actions taken can be undone, again, with a single click of the mouse.


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