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IP port scanning is an essential task to check for network security, configuration and identification especially in a connected office environment. Advanced Port Scanner from Famatech Software is a port scanning utility which makes the job simple enough for network architects and admins.


Advanced Port Scanner has a very simple to use interface with list view which contains the IP addresses and the list of ports opened. It also has controls for adding IP group ranges for batch checking on various addresses. Port scanning is by default done on 64 threads – this multi-threaded approach leads to better scanning speeds. For Windows XP without SP1 however, there is support for single threaded NetBIOS scanning which leads to better backward compatibility. The port scan is fully configurable with IP addresses custom ranges, number of threads, timeout periods, thread priority and ping support. The software has also the facility to run telnet at the given addresses if need be. The default port list can also be modified to check for custom ports and services at the other end. The IP address ranges can also be saved which can then be reused to for repeated scanning in future. The scan results can be exported and the results are grouped as alive, dead and unknown hosts. The software is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Advanced Port Scanner has plenty of competition in the Windows landscape. Nmap is a ubiquitous tool for such activities and also can extract more information and exists on all platforms. It is a proven tool and comes with a GUI, which is slightly outdated. However, the tool can be daunting to use for beginners and there are no custom settings but is scriptable. Thus Advanced Port Scanner provides more support for beginners and non-pro users and is extremely easy to use. Also, Nmap is not multi-threaded and thus multiple scans are made serially which can be slower, compared to threaded approach of Advanced Port Scanner. Some other alternatives are zenmap – comes with a sophisticated GUI and extensive reporting facilities. Angry IP Scanner is an map GUI front-end that aims to simplify the nmap software and help users. Some other alternatives worth considering are WinMTR, Wireless Network Watcher, Softperfect Network Scanner, skipfish (open-source) and Advanced Network Scanner.


Advanced Port Scanner network tool is an excellent offering that features a very easy to use interface for beginners and professionals alike. Multi-threaded approach leads to parallel scanning of multiple IP addresses and address ranges. The ranges themselves can be saved and search results exported for further use. The software is extremely configurable with various settings and there is built-in telnet support as well.


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