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Advanced PDF to HTML converter is a paid software application which is useful to convert PDF files to HTML documents easily. PDF files are hard to deal with, but with this application it becomes easy to upload information stored in PDF files, online, as HTML documents. This application is available works on all versions of Windows Operating system including latest edition Windows 8.1.


Advanced PDF to HTML converter is a simple to use software application which has an interface similar to that of all windows software. You can import PDF files by choosing the folder address. You also have the option to convert multiple PDF files at the same time.

You can specify the output folder of your choice to differentiate between files. You can also set the size of the output image, and formats like PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. It also allows you to choose the page size, page font and colour.

Security layers like using Passwords are enabled for PDF files, so that misuse of important information can be avoided. This software includes a help file that provides good information to first time users. The entire process is very simple and saves time. It also lets you choose a specific part of PDF file and convert it to the desired format. But, it does not include extra options in the category of output formats.


There exist many other software tools that work the same as “Advanced PDF to HTML converter”. But most of these tools are internet based and can only be used with a working internet connection. This might not be possible for all desktops, and hence Advanced PDF to HTML converter is a recommended software tool. Softwares like Online Convert, Nitro Pro, DocsPal and CometDocs are useful tools that provide online editing options for importing and converting files.


Though Advanced PDF to HTML converter is a paid application, it obviously has its advantages. It has a very small installation file and does not consume much space from the main memory while processing. It is a widely accepted software and and does not hung the system down while the application was in use.


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