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Advanced Parental Control is an advanced program which is designed to control, restrict and monitor the users of the computer. The schedule and time limits for computer and internet access can be determined by it. A time allowance can be set up for each user by weeks or even by days. It blocks programs and web contents by URL or keywords.


Advanced Parental Control comes with certain features which makes it unique among the other software. It is provided with screen report through which screen shots of selected users desktop can be taken after a preset schedule. It is easy to set the interval between the screenshots. So the maximum number of pictures one can take per day can be set in advance. It enables to set the number of pictures from a range of 1 to 1000. Another feature is Key Stroke, which can record some specific applications or all of them and also records any key stroked by the selected user.

URL report is also provided with this software which records the URLs and is being accessed by the user. Windows Report can be configured easily and needs only to on or off. This feature helps to see all the applications accessed by the selected user. Each report is provided with all the minute details like date and hour when the application was accessed, the path to the EXE files of that application and the name of windows caption. Advanced Parental Control comes with the parental control features. Parents can set the time for which their children or other users can access the internet or the computer. After this time, they won’t be able to login. With the help of Program feature of the software, applications can be restricted for the user. The program opens the Program Files automatically and there is no need to search for EXE file.

There is an option of blocked websites where the access of certain websites can be restricted by adding the website in this option. Certain keywords can also be mentioned in the Block Keywords list and thus, all the websites which has these words will be blocked and not be opened. There is also a feature where specific system can be blocked like disable Run from Start Menu, disable Shut down/Restart form Start Menu, disable All Programs list from Start Menu or some features can also be blocked like clock or Control Panel, etc.


There are other softwares too which can be compared with Advanced Parental Control. These are Smart Parental Control, KinderGate Parental Control and Kurupira Web Filter. Smart Parental Control helps to take control over the kids through screenshots, activity logs and a set of rules. KinderGate Parental Control is used for filtering URLs and contents. All the websites related to porn, terrorism, drugs, malware, etc can be blocked. Kurupira Web Filter can be used to filter the content, block improper websites and time spend on the web by the user can be controlled. However, none of the softwares discussed here has all the features which Advanced Parental Control has. So it is the one of the best which can be relied upon.


This software is worth giving a try considering it is easy to use with an intuitive interface. The configuration is quite easy and it is provided with online as well as offline help. The reports are convenient to read. Overall, it’s worth installing Advanced Parental Control on your desktops.


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