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Checking the status of the servers at the data centers is one of the most important thing and it must be done frequently. To perform this, Windows has an inbuilt program called Windows Event Viewer. Going through the log files using this program is tedious and consumes more time. Advanced Event Viewer helps the users to check the status of multiple servers through the log files very easily.


Advanced Event Viewer is a simple and easy to use application. This program allows the users to check the event logs of all the servers in a single place, i.e. a consolidated view of all the event logs in a single window. The event types supported by this program are information events, critical events, warning events, error and auditing events. The log entries can also be filtered by date, event ID, log type, source, user and other details. The most important feature of this program is it does not require any third-party plugins/software or agents to monitor the status of the server and create the log files.

As a standalone application, this program can be installed on a single computer and connected to all the servers remotely after which, the event logs, disk capacity and other information regarding the connected servers can be gathered. The log reports can either be exported or emailed to another user by configuring the settings. Those log files can be emailed to the other user in the form of PDF, HTML, TXT, and CSV files. For the convenience of the user, email templates can also be included to provide a beautiful look to the emails.

Basically, this program creates a list for repeating events and prioritizes them which make it easier to gather other information faster and effectively. The user can also retrieve the log files at a particular time by auto scheduling it. Disk capacity of the available servers can be checked and the user can be alerted with warnings if a particular disk’s capacity has crossed the pre-defined limit. The program can also be accessed with some exclusive Windows shortcuts in order to perform the corresponding action.

In addition to all this, Advanced Event Viewer also allows the users to add new servers and delete the unused ones. The login credentials for each and every server can be maintained safely and securely using this program. The application has totally customizable interface which allows the user to apply any one of the available nine themes.


Another alternative to Advanced Event Viewer is Windows Event Viewer which is a built-in program in Windows server operating systems. The main drawback of Windows Event Viewer over Advanced Event Viewer is consumption of more time and non-user-friendly interface.


Datacenter management personnel and network administrators get benefitted by Advanced Event Viewer because it is user-friendly, consumes less time and PC memory, and performs effectively.


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