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For many users of computer based applications, chances are that you have come across the term Adobe. This is because the company has a reputation in the development and distribution of several computing applications. Adobe Dreamweaver is reliable web development application tool from the adobe systems.

It is however worth noting that this application was not an original development of adobe systems but was originally written by Macromedia since the year 1997. It however became a part of the Adobe Systems list of applications after the company bought Macromedia in 2005. Regarding adobe dreamweaver, the tool was developed by Macromedia in October of 1996 as a web page editing tool the application has undergone numerous changes to serve better over the years.


Considering that this is a web page editor, Adobe Dreamweaver comes with many features to enhance web page editing just as any other applications that serve the same purpose in the market. Some features that you will enjoy in this application include syntax highlighting and code completion as well as real-time syntax checking options. Writing codes in this application is simpler because it code introspecting that enhances code generation which in turn gives the developer a hint on the best options available.


From a general point of view, it is not in doubt that adobe systems have a variety of reliable applications including readers and web editors. As long as the web continues to face changes in trends and technology, Adobe Systems will also keep changing to conform to the changes. That is why its products are always relevant to the times.


With the open sourced applications giving adobe systems a run for their money, it is worth pointing out that adobe dreamweaver faces stiff competition from web editors such as Coda, PSPad, Komodo Edit and TextMate just to mention a few. To pick on any web editor, you should consider certain factors such as the cost implications, the ease of use and your operating system just to note a few aspects.


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