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Adobe AIR is a latest cross-platform runtime setting, which helps the developers to apply their accessible web development skills to make and arrange rich Internet apps to desktop. Some of the prominent applications created with this Adobe AIR are eBay Desktop, Adobe Media Player, Machinarium and many more.


Adobe Integrated Runtime is the full form of AIR. It is a platform, which can operate applications across several systems with no coding in a number of languages. This system will give the same user experience on Windows, Linux and also Mac.

One of the notable features of Adobe AIR is Stage3D. It can create striking and eye-catching 2D as well as 3D games for browser, Android or iOS. One can use completely accelerated GPU representation, which gathers the power of both OpenGL and also DirectX graphics. Another feature of this is that it can develop high-quality, more responsive games furthermore content by means of ActionScript workers as well as the shared support of ByteArray. One can Share memory and use machine resources just by offloading the works to background workers, which run parallel. The system also offers the developers a facility to call into the platform-based code with the help of AIR native extensions. There are also free collections of native libraries with the help of the Adobe Game Developer Tools to empower the developers more. High-quality HD video can be played with industry-level of codecs like H.264, MP3, etc. It delivers protected and best video content with Adobe Access that can supports an extensive variety of business models, comprising video on demand, the HD rental, electronic sell-through and subscription.


Adobe AIR can be compared to Java that is the basis for virtually all kinds of networked app and is the international standard for creating and bringing mobile apps, games and also Web-based content. Haxe is another open source toolkit made on the basis of a latest high level programming language, an up to date light-speed cross-compiler and also cross-platform typical library. Convertigo is also the most sophisticated Open Source Mobile app developing solution for enterprises, and it includes all the necessary elements needed to build up and to operate cross-platform enterprises. Worklight is another application that helps the users to build, check, and set up HTML5 and also hybrid mobile applications for Android devices, iOS, and also Windows Phone devices.


Adobe AIR is very simple and also easy to learn system. It includes cost effective technology that leverages the present technologies like HTML, Adobe Flash, and also Adobe Flex to make applications, which can run on any desktop. The major power of AIR is that it can work in connection with the existing web apps to give branded rich online applications out of the browser that do not basically needs a browser to function. The latest model of Adobe AIR, that is, version 3, consists of Adobe Flash Player 11. This is also accessible for the users of Windows XP and also for OS X.


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