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While using a local area network, you need to keep an eye on the different computers in the network. It is mainly required in net cafes, offices, colleges and other such places where remote computers need to be monitored. It gives you full control over the OC. Activity Monitor helps you do this job efficiently and with the utmost ease. Your search for monitoring multiple computers at the same time and having control over your set of computers now ends with Activity Monitor. All you require is a LAN network and a minimum of 100 MB of free space on your hard disk. It is supported by all Windows operating systems.


The interface of Activity Monitor is very simple and easy to use with not much of useless things. You can add a new remote system by filling in the required parameters which are IP address, host name, computer, display name and user name. You don’t just monitor the computers but you can also log different activities. Activity Monitor enables you to log keystrokes of the remote computers. You can also log opened applications, web history and instant messaging applications’ history. All this makes your computers safe and secures your privacy. It prevents any harm from being done to your computers or any unwanted activity to be done by using them. The log files can be saved in your selected directory on that computer. The other key features are:

  • You can take a screenshot of the user’s activities, schedule snapshots at particular intervals and other options relating to screenshots.
  • You can also monitor the removable drives connected to the computers and create an exclusion list for directories and programs.
  • You can remove and perform operations concurrently on different computers.
  • You can also set passwords to the log manually or automatically.


There are lots of software in this field as it is an important part of any LAN. When it comes to monitoring employees, students or customers, you need an application that can help you watch other computers without being physically available at the computer. There is no doubt that Activity Monitor is worth the money for doing this job for your system. Some of its competitors are HomeGuard Activity Monitor, WebWatcher, etc. All have different features but serve the main motive.


Activity Monitor is just the best deal for you if you are in a place to monitor different computers. The easy-to-use interface makes it feasible for all kind of users to use it whether they have any experience in monitoring computers or not. You can view the desktops of your computers live. The users can detect that you monitor them. Though you need to pay for it, it is worth it as it is going to secure your network.


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