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Preventing data from being lost or corrupted is a serious problem user always face. But what if there is a program that help user to protect their data? That will be a big advantage to them. Active@ Disk Image is such a helpful application for users as it allows them to backup all of their important data in form of disk image, which can be easily restored back when needed. This application also provides the facility of continuous monitoring of hard disks parameters and regularly reports the status to the user in case of obsolete data arises in user’s hard disk.


Each and every user knows the importance of data backup, but what will be the consequence if the user loss that data suddenly. Active@ Disk Image is an application that allows user to backup their valuable data in the form of disk image. This application also helps the user to create full system backup i.e. not only the documents and files but also the operating systems as well as currently installed applications. It’s easy to use interface and makes user more comfortable for those who are interacting with it for the first time. The application generates a disk image backup with the help of inbuilt wizard. With the help of this disk image, user can easily recover the entire data present on the system without any fatigue. Another important feature of Active@ Disk Image is that the user can move or save this backup disk image anywhere i.e. user can move it either to a USB CD/DVD or on the cloud services. The application also provides the facility of encrypting and compressing the disk image backup so that user can transfer it easily. Scheduling the backup task is an important feature of this application as user can automatically backup the data on different time intervals. Active@ Disk Image keeps the entire record of the backup created by it so that user can fetch the required information anytime. The only disadvantage of Active@ Disk Image is that it slows down the processing speed of user’s system during the backup is created. User can download the trial version of the application to enjoy services provided by it.


Some other applications that provide same mechanism like that of Active@ Disk Image are MotherBoard Monitor and Warecase eXtended Task Manager. But the user friendly interface and easy operations make Active@ Disk Image much more useful than other application of its kind. Also, its feature like full system backup, hard disk monitoring and encrypting the backup make it a helpful application.


Active@ Disk Image is a helpful application that protects user’s important data from sudden loss and corruption. Also, with its easy interface, user will always feel contented about the application. And those valuable features provided by Active@ Disk Image make it more reliable application. The only disadvantage is the affect on computer’s performance as it make other application slow during the backups. But all in all it is a useful application user must have.


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