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Leave the spreadsheet programs and other expense tracker software to use the best, AceMoney Lite. It is cross-platform personal finance software available for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It can be used as a home budget software helping users to track the incomes and expenses in a hassle free way.


AceMoney Lite is a personal finance tracker that makes it easy to manage a chequebook, family budgets, etc. It can also keep a record of the incomes and expenses in multiple currencies. It is easy to install and use this software. The default currency type, number of digits after the decimal point, type of the decimal point, the thousands separator, date and time format, and the date separator can be configured when the application is started for the first time.

Different accounts such as bank accounts, cash accounts, loan accounts, credit accounts and investment accounts can be created and maintained within this application. The name of the bank (there are hundreds’ of banks available within this application), account number, opening balance, currency type, annual percentage and the balance limit can also be set while creating a new account. The list of pre-loaded bank information can be customized easily. New banks can be added, its attributes such as the name of the bank, bank number, routing code, transfer code, phone number, address, and the website of the bank can be edited, and also the list of unused banks can be deleted. Similarly, users can add the payee information in this application. The name of the payee, residential information and work information along with their phone number and email can be easily added, edited and the unused payees can be deleted.

There may be different types of payments which are classified based on categories. The available categories are bills, bank charges, automobile, donations, clothing, healthcare, household, insurance, investment, job expenses, leisure expenses, loans, personal care, retirement income, taxes, pet care, wages, vacation and utilities. These categories are further grouped into different subcategories. Users can also create different reports such as general reports, category based reports, payee reports, budget reports, and investment reports. The reports can be viewed either as a table or a chart. AceMoney Lite also helps users to schedule the bill/deposits so that they will never miss any important billing dates.


Some alternatives of AceMoney Lite are Microsoft Money, Budget, and Quicken. Microsoft Money is no longer supported so the information of the banks available will be obsolete. Budget is also personal finance managing software. The interface of Budget is cluttered and is complex to understand. Quicken is also a cross-platform software which is even available as a mobile application. The interface and working of Quicken are similar to that of AceMoney Lite in most of the aspects. AceMoney Lite has a clean and intuitive interface which makes it easier for the newbies to work around.


AceMoney Lite is more than a personal finance tracking software as it can maintain the information of the accounts, budgets, portfolios, and payees. If you are looking for a finance management application that consumes low memory and increases the productivity, AceMoney Lite should be the perfect solution.


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