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Photos, videos are reservoir of memories collected throughout the life. Oftentimes, hard drive crash results in the complete washout of important data, media files, documents, which can be miserable for any of us. It is advisable to take proper back up of all the files so that you do not lose them in any case of system crash down. However, taking back up of whole hard drive or selected file, folders can be tricky for an amateur, unless the user is using a good, reliable and popular software which is simple in outlook, but efficient in its job. AceBackUp is a powerful and efficient software for your back up purpose. Its effective engine ensures the safe storage of all important files. Retrieving any file from its chest is a simple work even.


One of the best things about AceBackUp is the simple user interface. This intuitive interface is self-explanatory, which leads the user to main functions. In-app help files also come handy for beginners. This tool generally saves data in local drives attached to the computer, such as external hard drive, flash drives, and LAN folder or in floppies. One of the major benefits is the ability to store data on FTP servers remotely, which is beneficial as it allows the user to retrieve data remotely. With this software, the user can select a type of back up service from two options like AceBackUp Archive and AceBackUpBackUp. While AceBackUp archive lets the user to store data in .CAB, zip, .ARJ, DVD-R and CD-R files, ACeBackUp backup allows the user to save important files with more advanced features like encryption and the data are stored in FTP servers. AceBackUp back up also provides some customized service as the user can select the files and folders to be backed up specifically. Probably the most striking feature of this tool is the level of safety it indulges to securely store documents. This tool offers five different types of encryption mode and on demand file name encryption even. By compressing all the files into .ZIP, this tool efficiently creates back up and store it into external drives or FTP server.


Though, in this category AceBackUp is a very popular tool, still it faces some competition from software like Free Any Data Recovery, Karen’s Replicator, Redo BackUp and Recovery. All these tools are efficient in taking back up. Interface design and simplicity is the main difference between these rivals, where AceBackUp clearly tops the list.


AceBackUp is an effective solution to take back up of the important files. Restoring any data even takes couple of clicks. So, to conclude, this valuable tool can save your day by restoring all the information, documents, media files in case of any accidental data loss.


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