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Viewing the images on your computer is important and you want to do it quickly as well in the best possible way. The default picture viewers of Windows view the image but don’t provide you with much of options to play with it. You can just view the picture, maybe zoom into it and set it as the desktop wallpaper.

There may be different things that you want to do with those pictures such as zoom through it, navigate it, and rotate it right of left or other such things. ACDsee Free is one such software that will do all these for you and that too with the utmost ease. It is a free application which is supported by Windows operating systems including Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 (32/64-bit).


The interface of the application is simple, straightforward and easily accessible. The functions and features are put inside menus and some shortcuts buttons which are extremely easy to understand, and make your job easy as well as quick even for an amateur.

The input format avails of many formats thus, making it even more flexible as such. These formats include JPG, PNG, BMF, GIF, TIFF, EMF, WMF, PCX, TGA and WBMP. One of the other features of this program that you won’t get in the default viewers is that you can change the format of the pictures too. Once you open the picture and do any change(s) that you want, you can change the format of the images between the above-mentioned formats from the ‘save as’ option available in the menu. This is an important feature as different places require different image file formats.

Other features of the application include setting the picture as wallpaper, rotating images, zooming using +/- buttons available below the images and navigating using the mouse scroll button. You can also set the gamma correction and disable Window animations thereby, making the system quicker.


There are many competitors to such programs. Some of them are Hornil Photo Viewer, Falco Viewer, Sysygy Image viewer, and StudioLine Photo Basic. They are all freeware license applications. Some of them may have better features but ACDsee proves to be quite a good deal.


ACDsee Free is quite a good deal for you if you are bored of the default image viewer of your computer. There are not many differences between the two except that you can change file formats in this one.


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