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A majority of us are avid users of Windows. So, we know exactly where our folders or files exist on our devices. But do any of us remember when was the first time that we started using it or how much time we are spending to find the folders or files which we access in some seconds today? 7plus is one such software that allows users to set up the things according to the users’ discretion, and gives the users full access as to how to use the system.


We use many functions of Windows and also many applications. But we don’t know the exact settings and how to navigate it. The 7plus tool helps us to navigate directly to such menu options rather than going through the hierarchy. Some shortcuts to send mails directly are used and the usual techniques used for sending mails using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) are avoided. Also, while using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), for the users’ ease of accessibility, a button is provided.

While searching for something on Google, we normally use the Google Bar. Instead of this, we can simply use “WINDOWS+G” which is a combination of keys to search. Similarly, to run some temporary set keys, users can use “WINDOWS+T” as well. We usually have a problem while naming certain files/folders. We forget the name given, and have to close the current program and again re-open it afterwards. Instead of doing this, we can use the hotkey “F2” which helps to toggle between two or more windows instead of closing them down as such.

While using some applications, we need to use some keys which are set apart from the regular keys. So, we can replace the keys which not being used for a certain span of time on the keyboard, and use them as per some different actions and its functionality as well.


The softwares existing in competition with 7plus include the heavyweights such as Ultimate Windows Tweaker by The Windows Club, and Power Toy, by Microsoft. 7plus, however, has certain unique features which include the replacement of some hotkeys and adding some temporary functionality to it, among numerous others. Also, using some shortcuts has made access very easy inside several applications that we use on a day-to-day basis.


This software has a unique style of accessibility functions working with the system without damaging any inbuilt functionalities.


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