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GIF is one of the longest standing media formats that have been unfazed by the entry of its subsequent rivals. 7GIF is simple software that lets users create GIF animated images from videos. In addition to creating GIF animated pics, users can also use application to check various details of each single frame in the video. The program is quick to install and is also available in a portable version in case you want to skip the installation. The minimum hardware requirement for installing 7GIF is Windows 2000 or later with minimum 32 MB of RAM and 5 MB of disk space. 7GIF with these modest requirements is capable of creating high end GIFs.


7GIF has a simple interface that looks to the point with some handy options at the bottom. Users can add files from specific locations from where 7GIF will automatically selects the files of default formats. The software is also enabled with drag and drop options that make it easy to access in case multiple files are to be selected simultaneously. Navigating from one file to another is also possible with the help of side arrow keys although the interface is absent with separate buttons for the purpose. Pausing between files is possible with up and down arrow keys for further editing or manipulation.

Users can also adjust the viewing speed of the clipping by selecting the various speeds provided in the settings. It is also possible to retrieve specific images from the clippings and save them to desired locations, something similar to screenshots in computer systems. The software also displays all available metadata information about the file upon on its loading. Although a simple software, the configuration panel has a host of options for adjusting the imagery of the clipping.


7GIF is one kind of software for creating GIF animated clippings. It is handy tool for editors and media professionals who want to create specific animated clippings with applied effects. The other software that provide similar features include mkv player, anime on demand, ALLplayer, etc. Although other software doubles as reliable media players, 7GIF is the only tool that allows users to create GIF images. GID images are effect for corporate training videos as well as for incorporating images into presentations.


If you are someone who has to work with specific image sets to create animated clippings, 7GIF is a perfect choice. The tool offers a bunch of features to edit and create clippings of good quality. It also has additional editing options in the equipped configuration panel. Available for installation as well as in portable format, 7GIF is free of any virus or malware that can possibly harm your computer. It occupies only a very minimal amount of system resources and hence is also very economical in its functioning. Being a freeware it can be downloaded for free and can be used endlessly.


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  1. I believe that there are some issues in this review.. 7GIF can not create GIF (it can only extract one or more frames in GIF format), it is just a player, not a editor, or a tool to create GIFs from videos.
    7GIF is a great player, with a lot of features, that is for sure, but only a player.

    PS: the developer’s name is Xtreme-LAb not Xtremt-LAb.
    PPS: you have spelled GIF as GID in the comparison paragraph.

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