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1by1 is a very basic and yet highly effective audio player. The application is capable of playing audio files directly from the specified directories. This saves the time as the program does not require creation of specific playlists. There are several hotkey options which makes it easy to operate the application.


1by1 is an efficient and useful application for playing audio files. It is one of the most simple audio file player and with minimalistic features. The program can be configured to include specific folders and the audio files in the specified folders are directly played by the media player. This helps save time and efforts which would have been required to create playlists and adding specific files to them.

Despite the simple configuration, the application has several functions such as shuffle, toggle, sorting by specifying name, time, date and other factors. It also has other options which include the enhanced mode.

The program includes several hotkey options which support various functions such as start, stop and pause. There are several presets which range right from F8 to F12. Users can also specify their own hotkey options which is facilitated by the highly customizable features of the application. The program has a very simple interface which makes the operating aspect of the application very easy. Since the application has an easy installation and user friendly interface, even the new users can easily manage their audio files using this application. The application is useful as it allows for easy management of a large number of files. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


jetAudio is an application which is one of the top alternatives for 1by1. The application allows for several customizable management of the audio files and can directly play the audio files from the internet. The application is highly efficient in management of media files and the users can also specify their own customized options for managing the files on their computer. The application allows easy ripping of files from the CDs and allows conversion audio files from one file format to another.


1by1 is a relatively simple and quite easy to use. The application has a very simple interface and has relatively few and yet highly efficient features. Users can specify the directories from which the audio files are to be played and therefore the program does not require any configuring any specific playlists. The usage of resources by the application is quite low and does not burden the system. The simple application interface allows even new users to operate the program in an efficient manner.


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