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Software as well as game testing always needs visual support. So, specific applications such as 1AVCapture are appropriate for this job, enabling you to track any event on the desktop, including any audio. The program supports any external device that is plugged into the PC and it runs on Windows XP, 2008, Windows 7 and other versions.


1AVCapture is a very effective audio video capturing application. The foremost thing that can be noticed while launching the application is the big list of recording profiles from which the users can choose anything. There are more than 10 methods through which the activities on the desktop can be captured and posted to a website or also broadcasted live on the web. The program is intended to work with the highest quality of audio files and video files. This 1AVCapture gives support to the complete range of CODECs accessible on the PC, in addition to the industry-standard formats, which are used to track and record exclusive music and film. In addition to generating the highest quality of multimedia files, the software also supports the WMA and also WMV files.

The next feature provided by this application is the video tutorial. It is intended for those who are not certain on what to do in the subsequent steps while operating it. Additionally, if neither of the particular profiles matches with one’s needs, then the new one can be created easily. The user interface of the program gives an easy access to everything that is needed. There is also a section of preview that can be detached from the main window if the workspace is needed to be enlarged. Anything that moves on the desktop can be captured either in a clip or in a screenshot, and then these can be saved for editing. The app presents a practical recording method; however, there is no chance to edit the fresh captures. Additionally, from the options menu of the software, a scheduler can be seen to program recordings and the possibility to ease the work with the aid of hotkey support.


One of the alternatives of 1AVCapture is BB FlashBack, which is available in both free and paid version. It is an effective video screen recorder designed for the Windows OS. It ships with all that are needed to record the desktop within a few minutes. Another similar kind of software is Camstudio Recorder. It can capture audio from all the linked audio sources, comprising microphones as well as speakers connected to the computer. Ezvid is another free app for Windows operating system, which merges screen capturing with video editing. Though it may not offer the same features as Camtasia Studio, it is easy to use system.


1AVCapture is a full-blown video as well as audio broadcaster having various options for configuration. By means of it one can broadcast the screen of desktop with voice for the remote tutorials. Moreover, the Stereo Mix line, movies in HD, webcam time-stamped and broadcast live TV can be broadcasted.


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