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All self-respecting companies depend on some marketing techniques and one of the most accepted and efficient of them is the emailing campaign. This is a quick and easy approach that gives the best outcomes in the shortest time period. 1and1Mail is a professional software for email marketing that can be used by small as well as medium business to launch personalized mass messages. Within a few minutes, the email would appear appealing to the clients.


1and1Mail helps businesses to build campaigns with least efforts. It helps in the formation of professional looking emails, distributing them to numerous recipients right away. While any mass email is being sent, Auto IP Switcher of the software may alter the IP address in an automatic way through various proxy servers in order that the email accounts would not be blacklisted and thus more number of emails can be sent out every hour in a day. Except the personalized greeting title, the mass emails of any businessmen look almost the same to all of the recipients. Content Spin task of 1and1Mail can make almost all of the emails appear different to the email service suppliers and the one can reach more public with some easy configurations. Sometimes, there are striking and special email templates on a few websites. By means of the Email Template Downloader of 1and1Mail app, it is likely to download all templates straight to the local computer and use them in the email marketing movement to assist the customers. There is no requirement for bringing in and exporting again.

Additionally, the feature of multi Account Manager increases the amount of emails that can be send out on each day and decrease the possibility of being regarded as a spammer. This moreover develops the email deliverability as well as email open times by exact grouping along with segmentation. There is no amount of charge on every message delivered. With an affordable quantity of investment, it is possible to develop any business via mass email utility. The multi-threaded approach of 1and1Mail lets multiple real-time links to mail servers. This can considerably enhance the delivery speed by delivering out various email operations at the same time by not lessening the Inbox Placement Rate.


One email marketing software as 1and1Mail is Constant Contact that provides with many modifiable email templates. The user can also have the alternative to utilize a blank template straight with HTML. It also has a WordPress plug-in. MailChimp has also many templates to select from. It currently added a drag and drop editor in support of quick, simple and aesthetically enjoyable email designs. ExactTarget is similar type of system but it is basically used by bigger companies who have a lot of emails to send out.


1and1Mail software is a software brought forward for business owners who are in need of an improved campaign for e-mail marketing. It is a method that aids in making the offers as well as products recognized to the every person.


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