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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a useful tool for retrieving passwords for MS Office files such as Word, Excel and Access. The application uses Dictionary and Brute Force attacks to recover the passwords. The application is simple to use and efficiently recovers the passwords.


Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a high utility application for retrieval of passwords of MS Office files. The program can easily retrieve passwords for MS Excel, MS Word and MS Access files.

For security reasons, users might choose to save passwords for their MS Office files. However, at times users might forget these passwords and lose access to their important files, which might result in loss of data or might require reworking on the file. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is useful in such situations as it helps retrieve the passwords of these files and gives the users access to their important data.

The program uses Dictionary attack and Brute Force attack methods to retrieve the passwords. Users can also specify the path of the files for the attack and can easily retrieve the passwords in a few simple steps. The application is easy to install and is simple to use due to the intuitive interface. The program requires low amount of the system resources and hence it does not impact the performance of the system. The use of processor and RAM is limited and the computer can function efficiently even when the application is being used. The program is absolutely safe to be installed and used on the computer, however, due to its functionality, which requires it to recover passwords; antivirus applications might consider it as a virus. The application supports Windows 8, windows 7, windows Vista and Windows XP.


Advanced Office Password Recovery is an application similar to Accent OFFICE Password Recovery. The application can recovery passwords for Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, Money, Visio, Outlook as well as OpenOffice and Hangul Office documents. The application is also capable of retrieving passwords for VBA projects. The program uses Brute Force and Dictionary attack methods for the retrieval of the passwords.


Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a highly efficient application for retrieval of the passwords for MS Office files. The application is simple and easy to install and operate and does not require much of system resources. The application is useful in situations where users have forgotten passwords for their important MS Office files and the program helps them in gaining access to their important files.


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